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Why Belize?  Take a look and see!
Belize is an independent Commonwealth country since 1981 - formerly British Honduras. The friendly people and welcoming government is combined with a legal and parliamentary system based on the British model. This basis of British Common Law offers security with legal and personal rights protected by the Constitution, including the right to own land.

British and American interests assure Belize will remain a bastion of democracy in the region. The multicultural nature of this society makes it, like most multicultural societies, more tolerant of peoples' differences and therefore more accepting of all.

It is also interesting to note that Belize is largely independent in terms of food production including aquaculture, citrus, dairy and a variety of basic staples such as rice, corn, fruits, vegetables and more.

Belize is small enough to be personal yet large enough to provide the diversity, both socially and physically, necessary to keep people engaged. When you combine this with the reasonable standard of living, the clean water and environment, accessibility by land, sea and air and an agreeable sub-tropical climate, you have a winning combination.

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