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How to Buy Your Home Site at Riverwalk
Start by spending a day exploring Riverwalk. Get a feel for what you want in a location for your home site. This might be a particular view like a hilltop facing west, or a ravine lot facing east. Imagine where you would place a patio or porch, or where your gardens and fruit trees would go. Once the location and lot lines are agreed upon, the price will be confirmed. The survey markers can then be installed and a drawing of the lot can be prepared. In some cases, where the lot lines are determined by the topography, we may already have these steps finished and the site ready to go.

At this point a contract for sale can be prepared. Financing of your lot is available in most cases and there is no fee involved. The contract will state the agreed upon price and details of the deal. Interest rates are set between the local loan rate and the international loan rate. The loan is open; meaning that you can pay part or all of it off at any time without penalty. In some cases, up to 90% can be financed for up to 10 years; it depends on the situation. Once the contract is signed you are free to occupy your new home site and start landscaping or building right away. Alternatively, you may wish to holiday in Belize and poke about your place for awhile!

To summarize: you can pick your new home site at Riverwalk, sign a contract, pay a minimal downpayment, use your lot right away and pay it off as soon as you like.

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