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Invest in Stability
The hills of Riverwalk are composed of material known as marl. This is a solid material which makes a good base for buildings and roads. The hills are solid and not susceptible to landslides as they are well drained. The valley at the creek is steep enough to prevent the increased flow in the rainy season from flooding beyond the banks.

The marl varies from light coloured powder to hard marble and flint-like rock; you may even find spear heads made from this material or find a cave in this Karst limestone topography, sometimes with Mayan pottery shards and other evidence of day to day life.

The roads at Riverwalk are made of this marl which holds up quite well. On the steeper hills that have more vehicle traffic some washboard from tire spinning and rain means these roads need to be graded and packed once or twice a year.

The light topsoil in these hills is made up of decomposed leaves from years of leaves dropping in the dry season (January - June). The soil is deeper in the small valleys between the hills. This results in lush growth and forms an interesting area in which to walk and observe the various tropical plants.

For gardening, mixing sawdust or rice hulls with sandy river soil from the San Ignacio area makes a suitable mixture for your inspired garden. The trees surrounding your site are important bird habitat. In the morning and evening, you can often see toucans and parrots as they stop to dine.

Do you dream of a patio overlooking the jungle, a cantilevered hilltop home or the simple elegance of a house with a covered porch? Why not share your dreams and allow us to match you up with the perfect site!

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